What it is?

Fancy sim product logo

Fancy SIM is an ecommerce website where customers can browse through different mobile numbers and bid or buy SIMs.

This is part of another work of ours SIMGuru. The beauty of this project is it chooses its own products from a sea of numbers and list itself.

What was the problem?

Our client receives thousands of SIMs every week and out of those SIMs there a very few good numbers and to go through whole list of numbers and finding good ones using human brain is a tedious task and there is a chance of missing few or more every time.

Once we chose the numbers to list products, every time is another time taking task which needs work force. Using all available resources is an art and especially in marketing and we have to solve it here.

What we did

Fancysim product logo

We at Prayuta came up with an automated process to pick good numbers from the sea of numbers of chosen patterns and at the same time create product images and description and list the product at client’s website.

We used Magento to fulfil ecommerce part of the project. Now the other side of the project is to use all available resources to market their products with minimal workforce, we used best market places for this kind of products and integrated with Magento for automatic listing of products and record orders at one place.