What it is?

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E1 Vape is an ecommerce website for one of our clients who sells e-cigarettes, liquids and all related products.

E1 Vapes based in East London and one of the best of its kind and started doing better online with the help of SEO.

What was the problem?

Managing stock is a crucial part of any business and especially you are doing business at different sites both virtually and physically.

Our client was looking to utilise all available resource to market their products for maximum sales and at the same time with very good stock management system as no business likes sending their customers back because of stock availability.

Our client was intending to do business in-store, fairs, website, eBay, Amazon, mobile shops and other similar market places.

What we did

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We at Prayuta designed and developed a system for our client using Magento for his online sales.We embedded an epos system in the main Magento site for his in-store sales so that same stock used at both places.

We also integrated our client’s main Magento website with eBay and Amazon to market their products and enabled recording all orders at one place, which helps stock management.

We also implemented SEO to optimise visibility and improve online sales.