What it is?

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As the name says, Compare International Call Rates (CICR) is a service to compare call rates from UK to different countries and from different network providers.

CICR compares call rates for chosen country and provide you best option as per the customer need and with the network provider’s rating.

What was the problem?

We all know that price comparison is a tricky task and CICR is no less than but even tricky task as no network providers got any kind of API for call rates on top of that each network provider got multiple rates for the same country with different packages and keep changing.

Our client looking for a system to provide live rates to selected country and with provision to buy a SIM with or without top-up.

What we did

cicr product logo

We at Prayuta came up with this automated system to record call rates from different providers and serve the customer with different rates from different network providers to help him choose the best.

We used all sorts of technologies to achieve this task of recording call rates from different network providers, as each one is different to other and keep changing. We also used Magento to accomplish e-commerce tasks for purchasing SIM and top-up.

We also used affiliation network, made a provision to record and track all affiliations.