Cancellation & Refund Policy

Minimum Cancellation, Return, and Refund Policy
At a minimum, your cancellation, return and refund policy must:

For all subscription lengths, allow a customer to cancel an order of a Product and receive a full refund at any time where the Product is defective or materially different from the item represented in the Product Listing.

For all subscription lengths, allow a customer to cancel an order of a Product and receive a full refund at any time if there is a material change in your Product, the availability of your Product or any of your terms and conditions of use and service relating to the Product.

We do not currently support functionality that allows you to offer pro rata refunds .

Cancellation Process

Customers who want to cancel orders must do so through the cancellation process offered by Prayuta, including through the subscription manager on the Prayuta Site. You must clearly disclose this requirement to customers and provide for such customers to be re-directed to Prayuta subscription manager. You may not directly interact with a customer to cancel a Transaction or otherwise process a cancellation, refund or return for a Product, except as is necessary to re-direct such customer from your website or application to Prayuta subscription manager.

Refund Process

If a customer contacts us with respect to your Product, we may issue refunds as a service to you in accordance with our usual business practices. For each refund that we issue, you will grant us a credit in an amount equal to your portion of the Sales Revenue for the applicable Transactions. If a customer contacts you with respect to your Product and seeks a refund or other adjustment, you will refer such customer to Prayuta, and you authorize Prayuta to, on your behalf, determine and calculate the amount of all refunds and adjustments (including any taxes or other charges) or other amounts to be paid by you to such customers. All payments to customers in connection with your Transactions will be routed through Prayuta or its designated Affiliate. Prayuta or its designated Affiliate will provide the refund payments to the applicable customer (which may be in the same payment form originally used to purchase your Product). Prayuta may deduct all amounts refunded from the Sales Revenue prior to transmission to you or otherwise seek reimbursement from you for all refunds.

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