Giving a successful project depends on how well you understand its requirement
Giving a successful project depends on how well you understand its requirement
Quality - The only thing that matters

QualityThe only thing that matters Title text line

When a software application is inefficiently designed and developed, eventually it will end up frustrating the users with aggressively growing maintenance cost.

This is the reason why our team at Prayuta is dedicated to offering high-quality service and getting things right in just the first time. We accomplish this by employing the most effective coding standards which allow in faster task execution and also reduce the space as well as time complexity. When building your application, we ensure to use only standardised technical, structural design so that you receive nothing but the best.

Once we have built your software, our role is not over yet! Our efficient team of tester tests each module individually and also tests the entire software when all the modules are integrated. This ensures a bug-free solution!

Also, we consistently review the codes to make sure that you get effective and efficient software functionality. Once your software application is delivered to you, no matter what changes you want, we make sure that you don’t have to start again from scratch. We are open to changes according to your requirements whenever you want. This is the best part of our service to you.

Experience - The way to dealing with the complexity

The way to dealing with the complexity Title text line

As a reputable company based in the UK, we have successfully managed to execute different projects of different size and complexity across the country. Therefore, we have extensive experience in dealing with different challenges that developers face during designing, assembling, testing, and functioning of various systems.

We are capable of dealing efficiently with complicated technical as well as commercial challenges, so once you have assigned your project to us, rest, be assured because it is in safe and efficient hands.

Culture and Relationships - Your success is our success

Culture and Relationships
Your success is our success Title text line

We work towards being a dependable technical associate to each of our clients and maintain a long-lasting relationship with them.

At Prayuta, the environment is friendly, so the customers are mainly able to have an honest and open conversation with our team. This is a great way to discover the issue early and resolve them quickly.

At Prayuta, we enjoy a simple and straightforward relationship with people which helped us offer them effective services.

Cost Efficiency - Providing the new timeline for all

Cost Efficiency
Providing the new timeline for all Title text line

When it comes to software projects, generally there is no delivering of material, and basically, the entire cost of software is generated on the basis of the time that the developer spends on designing, development, testing, maintaining and managing the software project.

At Prayuta, we offer regular competitive rates, along with an amazingly effective delivery model, thus make sure that we provide extraordinary value for client’s money and time.

We complete each of our projects effectively as well as efficiently to reduce the time of development and the cost of our clients.

You get a complete value for money, here, at Prayuta.

Delivery Time - Focusing on smart work

Delivery Time
Focusing on smart work Title text line

Generally, the software projects around the world get affected because the average schedule gets swamped hence adding the time up to 50% more. This is the reason of several risks, complication, and issues which are somewhat technical but at the time they are also caused by people associated with the project.

Our team at Prayuta understands the complications, issues, and risks and have generated an effective solution which makes our service stand out from the crowd. These solutions have been skillfully integrated into our work structure which allows every client to benefit from them directly. So no matter what the complication is, with us you will have an ideal solution to all your problems.

Project Governance - Eliminating the unwanted surprise

Project Governance
Eliminating the unwanted surprise Title text line

For use, proper management of our projects is paramount because we know that software projects are naturally complicated and if they are not effectively managed, things can get mess up.

We have an extraordinary project control process that will help in implementing the ideas proficiently and make sure that the project is delivered in due course.

Project managers at Prayuta are dedicated to identifying and monitoring the risks and make sure that there are unwanted surprises along the way.

Long-term support: A support that you can lean on the software is a very important part of every business organisation this is why at Prayuta we specialise in providing necessary support to your systems. We have different support packages that cater to the need of different clients. However irrespective of what support and maintenance package you opt for, our standardised procedure deals with your request and provide you with a regular update of your progress.

Reliability and Accountability - With us, be rest assured

Reliability and Accountability
With us, be rest assured Title text line

When the clients associate themselves with the companies that are not legally accountable, they are just exposing themselves to risk especially when associating themselves with offshore companies.

However, with Prayuta, you can rest assured because we are completely accountable under the law. When the clients invest with us, we ensure them 100% protection. We are committed to everything that is written on our contracts and take full accountability to deliver your project successfully.

Innovation - The perfect approach

The perfect approach Title text line

At Prayuta, we allow and promote the innovative idea to solve different business problems. Along with it, we offer an outlook for optimising the methods.

Our innovative and positive energy helps our team as well as our clients to work together in the best possible way. Prayuta is an ideal blend of innovation and knowledge which will make you thank your stars.